Met oog voor de stad en hart voor de student
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International students

What we do
The Hague student union (HSVb) represents the interests of national and international students in The Hague. Our main focus lies on Education, Legal service, International students and creating opportunities to be included in dialogues. This helps us to achieve our goals with the universities, policy makers and other (trade-) unions by means of participation.


International students
The city of The Hague proudly advertises with its international characteristics and possibilities. Institutions such as the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the Peace Palace, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons contribute to the city’s international image. However, international students are just as vital to the city’s international character as all these institutions. The Hague University of Applied Science alone advertises with the fact that students from over 100 different nationalities are currently enrolled in a program. This means that we as The Hague Student Union (HSVb) want to contribute to assisting international students with what it means to live and study in the Netherlands and specifically in The Hague.

The national student union (LSVb) offers practical information on matters such as visa, travel cards and student loans. All this information and more can be found on their website:

On the left side you can fill in your personal details, for more general information just click the button ‘search’ on the bottom of the page.


International Student Council
The Hague Student Union values the opinion and contribution of students. With the creation of the International Student Council (ISC) the HSVb aims to establish a way for international students to be actively involved in making sure their voices are heard. The council consists of international student organizations and associations, who meet on a regular base to create a better learning environment for and with international students.


Legal Assistance
Are you a student who lives or studies in The Hague? And do you run into tricky legal issues? Please contact the legal department of The Hague Student Union (HSVb). The legal department of The Hague Student Union provides students with free legal advice on the areas of education law, rent law and administrative law.

You can think of the following situations:
– When you don’t agree with your landlord
– When your landlord is failing to comply with his obligations
– When you have a conflict with your educational institution
– When you don’t agree with a grade
– When you don’t agree with the rating of your thesis
– When you don’t agree with a negative BSA

An enthusiastic team of (law-) students is ready to answer all your questions. So are you in desperate need of some legal advice? Please contact the legal department of The Hague Student Union. You can reach the legal department by sending an email to:

Legal assistance is free for all members of the HSVb!

International Student Associations
The Hague offers a wide range of student associations and an increasing number of international student organizations and associations. We have listed the international ones below:


What can you do?
Do you want to be actively involved in a commission of HSVb, or do you appreciate our work? Help us by becoming a member! By supporting us you help to create a stronger voice for (international-) students in The Hague. You can help us for just €5,- per year.