About us?

The Hague Student Union represents the interests of studying the Hague. The areas housing, education and international students include topics that the Hague Student Union operates the interests of students in The Hague ensures and strengthens. The Hague student union is controlled by policy makers and colleges around the table to discuss these points. In addition, every year several debates with you as a student with different makers may discuss several topics.

Even if you are studying in another city, but live in the Hague, we are here to safeguard your interests. In addition, you can go to the Hague Student Union serves individual interests: individual students with a problem we try to advise and assist. Not everything can be resolved locally. For that reason, the Hague Student Union affiliated to the National Union of Students (LSVb). Through the exercises the Hague LSVb Student Union influence on issues at the national level to be raised, such as improvements in the student and the student travel card.